Pat Sloan- flower bouquet week 6

Pretty excited to see what this quilt will look like. So far, the blocks are adorable.

Pat Sloan Flower Bouquet - Week 5!

So... I finished my 24 6 1/2" blocks and thought I'd go to upload and realized that the directions were corrected and I was really only supposed to make 1 of each... We'll see how it goes for the rest of the quilt. I may use them in a border or in another mini quilt or as a table runner... Ha!! I really love the way the blocks turned out, so no harm done.

Here is Week 5 of Flower Bouquet.

Pat Sloan Out of This World - Block 2

This month's design was released today. I may have been checking the site at 6AM to see if it was posted... and it wasn't... so, I started my work day and was so wrapped up in the world of programming that I actually forgot about it until this afternoon.

It was a delightful thing to remember...a fun new block to work on tonight. I admit I was also very happy that my husband was going to work on the car with a friend tonight. House to myself and a new block? That's what dreams are made of right there.

The block probably took me about an hour to cut out and sew out. I love the way it turned out. Once again, the directions were very easy to follow and since I had numbered my fabrics at the beginning, it was easy to pull what I needed and go with it.

Sawtooth Star Quilt - the big 'un

 One of the quilts I quilted this past weekend was this big ol' quilt. It measures 108x118. It's big enough for a King (sized bed). I call is a Sawtooth Star, because I've seen the block called that. If I'm wrong, sorry. But, that's what I'm calling it. 

I used the Bigz Die to make the points (or flying geese if you like to call them that). The blocks measure right at 15". 

My brother has a Bernina long-arm and he loves me, so he lets me come play with it. I got him a pantograph called "A Little Bit of Fluff" by Designer Dave Hudson and that's what I used for edge to edge quilting on this. It only took 12 swipes. Ha! I'm pleased with how it turned out and it was gifted to a friend of my husband's. They liked it, too, I believe. So, fun project. 

I have 4 other quilts that I finished up this past weekend and when I get time to photograph them, I'll do so and post them for you. A couple may be for sale. We'll see. 

Long Arm Quilting Day!!!

I'm in the middle of a Missouri winter here... We were supposed to get ice and snow last weekend, so I cancelled my trip to my brother's for long arm quilting. Yes.. .my brother has a long arm quilting machine and a very nice one! So... yeah... no quilting for me last weekend.

But... this Sunday is promising. The weather is supposed to be good and I have FIVE quilt tops to quilt. FIVE! I'm so excited I could just about squeal with delight.

One of the five quilts is a king sized quilt and it's going to take some time to quilt... It's for a friend of my husband's, Nathan. I'm not sure they know about it... and I really hope they like it. I like it, so I guess they can also give it back to me and I'll use it. HA!

Anyway... the five quilts on the list:

  1. King Sized Sawtooth star quilt (I used the Bigz die and this went nicely together!): 102x118
  2. Laundry Day Sheep quilt: 50x60
  3. A Quilting Life 2018 BOM (pattern no longer available, but she has started the 2019 BOM): 60x72
  4. Bonnie Hunt 2018 Mystery Quilt (for now, pattern is still there... but it will be going away, too): 72x72
  5. Sawtooth Star Throw: 45x63
I SERIOUSLY doubt I can get all 5 done, but I at least want to get the first 3 completed. 

Pat Sloan's BOW Flower Bouquet - Week 4

Week 4 did not disappoint. 

This block is named Gazebos. This is what I love about Pat's quilt a longs... they don't take me 10 hours to cut out and assemble one block! They also, so far, haven't included a bazillion little bitty pieces that make me rip hair out of head. 

I had this block cut out in about 20 minutes and that's with the triple checking I do to make sure I'm reading the instructions correctly. The instructions are very clear. My brain, for some reason, can't retain more than a few numbers at a time. I've always been like that. Because of that, you would think programming wouldn't be a field of choice for me. But... anyway... I digress. From start to finish.. cutting, sewing, pressing, I had about 40 minutes invested in the block. 

And.. I really like the block. I think it would be super cool in a quilt of its' own... turning the HST blocks together in the center of four

And then I imagine it in a quilt layout and get very excited... fun, right? 

Typical.. just because

A thought crossed my mind this morning and I decided it was a semi-good one. Just because one day I may want to know... I want to share my typical day/week.

People... when I say people I mean people I'm connected with on social media who see my quilts and projects and such... say they don't understand how I get so much accomplished. "You do so much". But, I don't think I do. I gave a lot of stuff up this year. I don't work part-time at JoAnn. I don't lead a Girl Scout troop. I don't mentor the Girl Scout Advisory Board. I don't attend Service Team meetings. I don't say "yes" immediately or volunteer myself for things that I really don't want to commit to. I was talking to a co-worked yesterday and I told her that the end of 2018 was really a time for me to refocus my priorities and life. When people say "You do it all", I reply "Maybe. But, I only do what IT is that I want to do now." I take more time for me. I had to. I was on the verge of a breakdown... seriously. I felt it coming. When you cry on a 15 minute drive to and from work, you're tired all the time, you feel completely disconnected from family and friends, and continually feel guilty for anywhere you are because you aren't where you want to be... something has to give. Thankfully, I have a supportive husband that is behind me in the choices... no matter if he agrees or not. He knew it was too much, but he saw my excitement. He also saw me fall apart. I found my limit last August and it wasn't pretty. So... yes, I do make a lot of quilts. I love doing it. As long as I do, I will continue. When I need a break, I'll take it.

6:00 AM:
Wake up (sometimes I'm awake before this and sometimes I sleep past on accident)
Coffee for me, treats for Eddie, water for the Niko and Eddie and filling any food bowls that are empty.

Start my work day for Mapping Your Future. I work from my home office. So, that's why you didn't see anything about showering, getting dressed, etc. yet

Niko gets up and we go for a morning walk. Typically we walk around the block and it takes about 10-15 minutes.

I take a lunch break. I shower, dress, walk the dog, play with the dog.

My work day for Mapping Your Future ends.

Niko and I go for our last walk of the day right now, because it's winter and it gets dark at 5.

Evenings are where it's different depending on the day. We have Callie 1/2 the time (Week 1: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday; Week 2: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday; repeat). If Callie is here that evening, I typically make dinner and we watch a little TV.

Tuesday is pool league for Chris. He goes and plays. I stay home for a little "me time". I either veg on the couch and decompress or I sew on a quilt top or other crafty item. I rarely leave the house on those evenings. I also play with the dog.

On "non-Callie" days, Monday and Thursday are hit and miss. Either Chris and I will hang out and watch something on TV... Right now we're watching Game of Thrones after me telling him for 6 years we should...OR he goes to his friend James house to work on his MGB, which they've been working on for 7 years... or more... it's close.

Saturday nights he goes to Tim's to play pool and I, once again, sew or veg.

Weekends are a toss up. Sometimes we have things we are doing together. Sometimes we have things we are doing apart. The dog has really complicated my freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. She isn't trustworthy to be left out of the crate while we aren't home. Her latest is chewing cords. We've lost 3 cords thus far. She's almost 8 months, so still a puppy. She'll get there he keeps telling me. It is already easier than it was 4 months ago. I can be gone for more than an hour and I don't feel like a monster crating her to run an errand or go to a quilting guild meeting. So, there's that.

Pat Sloan- flower bouquet week 6

Pretty excited to see what this quilt will look like. So far, the blocks are adorable.