Main Street: Block 3 - Movie Theater

I'm so excited that my niece is going to join in on this quilt a long. I think we'll keep each other motivated to keep on going.

Here is my Main Street block 3. Once again, I love the block and I think a whole quilt of this block would be adorbs...especially as a scrappy quilt where all the blocks are different... I may need to do that sometime.

So... funny story with this one, though... I had the top and middle rows together and was like "Crap! My blue squares were going the wrong way!" So, i ripped it apart and started sewing it back together and was like "wait...." if you turn the block a quarter turn they are right... Sometimes... to quote a former neighbor... I'm the dumbest smart kid I know. HA!! All said in jest.

Main Street Block 2: Post Office

Main Street Block 2 was released today. I am so excited about this project. 

Block 2 is called Post Office. My fabrics are just making me smile from ear to ear. I can't wait for the next block!!

Main Street Block of the Week with Pat Sloan

Yep... I decided to jump in on the next quilt a long with Pat Sloan. Main Street started today. I have had a fat quarter bundle of red/white/blue fabrics for a while now and it was just waiting for something special. I think those colors go well with the name of "Main Street"...

I sorted my fabrics out this morning based on her insight on how to split the bundle and pull from your stash. I made notes on the sheet and will hopefully remember to refer to that each week for the next 12 weeks. We do get next week off, though, as she is going to a training with BabyLock. Wouldn't you just die to be part of that? I would just be happy with a BabyLock machine, honestly. But, my Singer and Brother machines are doing all I need them to do. Maybe one day when I need to replace them and don't have a teenager around with an endless list of  "needs".

Week 1 block is super cute and was fairly quick to whip up. So far, I love my choice of fabrics. I do not plan on doing an asymmetrical setting this time, though. That quilt layout is just not my style... So, the quilt will be quilted and then gifted. I'm sure the recipient will love it.

Pat Sloan's Flower Bouquet Flimsy Complete

I'm excited to quilt this one. It's the first quilt along with Pat Sloan I have done. Her instructions were concise and clear. The design was awesome. I love the quilt.

I chose to do the asymmetrical layout, because it's outside my comfort zone. It's taken me a week to accept it and stand back and say "Yeah... I like this." But, now that I've welcomed the different layout style... I really love it... and I love the fabrics and the design and the colors and... yep... all of it!

The last border I put on is a little "off", so I may remove it and pin and resew... I probably need to do that and I'm just putting it off. I don't need a friendly wavy border to deal with when quilting.

So... as far as quilting... I think I'll end up doing an all over stipple or pantograph design.. maybe tulips, since it's a spring quilt. What do you think?

Pat Sloan: Flower Bouquet and Out of This World

I'm still having a blast with both of Pat Sloan's quilt a longs right now. One is Flower Bouquet, which is a Block of the Week. You know what I love? Designers that are on time every time or early! Yep. I'm a planner and that helps tremendously when I have multiple projects going on. Much appreciated!!!

Secret Garden is the Flower Bouquet block this week. It was released on Tuesday, because Wednesday was May 1st when the other quilt a long is going on. I made a mistake back on week 5 and 2/3 of my block was already done this week. I may have accidentally made a ton of 9 patch blocks and they were the size I needed for the 4 patches... a little rip rip and whip whip and I was done! Woo hoo!!! They're all happy accidents. HA!

Out of this World is the block of the month program Pat Sloan is doing. Those blocks are released on the 1st and she actually holds herself to that. It's awesome. Makes the 1st of the month super fun. This month the block is called Astronauts. She has a great write up about female astronauts. The block is very cute and I only had to take apart one row and fix it, because of a goof up. Go me!

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Ok... so maybe this isn't a "necessity", but it is a welcome addition to a quilting room. I have been in my current office/craft space for basically 2 years. 2 Christmases ago i asked my amazing husband for a design wall. He obliged, because he's a good man.

The issue I have had is that I didn't have a wall that I could put it up and leave it up. So, I put up 3M hooks above the closet door and hung it up and took it down each full day of quilting I was able to snag. That's all well and fine, but as time went on... I used it less and less. I love it. I love the idea of a design wall. I loved using it. I just hated putting it up, taking it down, folding it up, storing it away.

Well... NO MORE!! I've been complaining about the stupid mirrored closet doors (mostly to myself) ever since we moved into this home. They are a pain in the butt to keep clean, not streak, and the glare... the glare the put back into the room. At one point, I thought about putting up a complete vinyl scene just to cover up the stupid mirrors. 

Today... I was thinking about the vinyl scene and was thinking I wished there was a way to turn them into a felt wall for my design wall. Now, I'm not going to say that I took the long way around to get to the result, but let's say now that I'm at the end result... I am sort of questioning my intelligence... I'll blame it on not being the generation that was raised with 3M command hooks. 

While staring at the closet doors and dreaming today, I thought... hmmm... yep... doing it! I tok the design wall out, cut it in 2 pieces, hemmed the edge (finished look is important, yo!), and put that puppy up on my mirrored closet doors!! I'm so excited about this, I could just about pee my pants.. I won't because... gross... but... WOO HOO!!! I'm SOOOO excited about this. i used 3M command picture hangers for the lower corners and for the whole design wall piece for the door that slides behind the other. They are flat and use this velcro magic to interlock. You can hang a 6 pound picture with them, so I'm thinking the design wall will be fine. It will also keep it from blowing around if and when I ever get to open my windows again. 

I plan to cut out a cute little saying to go up the side where the mirror still shows.. something inspiring and crafty and cute... 

Around the block by Cloud 9

I made this quilt for a friend who is graduating with her Master's this year. She chose the colors and pattern. I sent her about 10 different patterns and this is the one she liked. For the longest time, I couldn't figure out why I didn't "love" it, but then I realized it's because there is no border on it. I have another quilt that I made without a border and I like it, but I like me some borders... it's just like the picture frame or finishing touch on any quilt.

Anyway... 324  half square triangles later... Around the Block (PDF) by Cloud 9 is complete for my dear friend. I hope she loves it. 

The quilting pattern is A Little Bit O' Fluff and I used a Bernina Q24 long arm (Thanks, brother dear!) to complete it. There are about 120,000 stitches in the 108"x108" quilt. It took approximately 3 hours to complete.

I added a couple more blocks to make a king size edition.

Main Street: Block 3 - Movie Theater

I'm so excited that my niece is going to join in on this quilt a long. I think we'll keep each other motivated to keep on going. H...